Meet the Team

  • Pastor Michael Johnson

    Dr. Michael Johnson helped start Gospel Fellowship Church and has served as a pastor there since 2012.  In the midst of a career as a pharmacist, God called Michael to pursue pastoral ministry.  Before pastoring at GFC, he served in youth ministry for five years in various roles as a volunteer, intern, and associate pastor.  He is passionate about making disciples, shepherding, and preaching and teaching God’s word.  Michael earned his Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and his Doctor of Pharmacy from North Dakota State University.  He went full time with GFC in 2017.  Michael and his wife Sarah have been married since 2004 and they have five children.

  • Pastor Mark Erickson

    Mark Erickson has been a member of Gospel Fellowship Church since 2013 and has served as pastor since 2016.  Mark traces his family’s Christian legacy to his great grandparents and considers this spiritual heritage as both a blessing and a responsibility.  Mark is passionate about helping people of all ages anchor their lives on the Truth of Scripture and strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Mark is employed full time by a business information provider, where he serves on the executive leadership team.  Mark earned his BA from Wheaton College and his MBA from North Park University.  Mark and his wife Christine were married in 1992 and have two adult children.

  • Pastor Jonathan Ziman

    Jonathan was born to British parents in London, England, and lived there until he was 17. After moving to America and attending Emory University, he enrolled in an MA program at the University of Chicago where he met his wife and became a Christian. Jonathan earned his Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has been serving in pastoral ministry since 2009, and has contributed to a number of Christian Bibles and books as a freelance writer and editor, including: Jesus Among Other Gods Video Curriculum and Study Guide (ECPA Gold Medallion Winner 2002), The Apologetics Study Bible, Strive: A Study Bible for Men, The One Year Bible Proverbs Devotional, The One Year Bible for New Believers, The NKJV Word Study Bible and The Gospel of John (a special resource for new believers published by Alpha USA). Jonathan and his wife Kari have four daughters, and he has served Gospel Fellowship as a pastor since 2017.

  • Deacon Chris nuter

    Chris and his family have been members of Gospel Fellowship Church since 2017. He is a financial services professional in operations management and leadership. He has a passion for God's Word and the transformation power of the Gospel to change hearts and minds.  Chris, and his wife, Jen, have been married since 2008 and live in Warrenville with their five children.  

  • Deacon ben merrill

    Ben and his family have been members of Gospel Fellowship Church since 2013. With a business degree from Taylor University and Masters of Divinity from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Ben’s interest in finance and accounting, and desire to help families make wise decisions, led him to a career in financial planning after more than a decade in church ministry and non-profit education administration. Ben loves the church and desires to help everyone find their role in building the Kingdom of God. Ben and his wife Heather have been married since 2002 and have four children.

  • deacon todd Switzer

    Todd and his family have been members of Gospel Fellowship Church since 2015. He has worked for a fastener manufacturing company as a Human Resources professional since 1992. He credits the discipline of family worship and home discipleship for keeping his family anchored in scripture.  He has always loved the church, and is excited to love and serve its members.  Todd and his wife Marcia have been married since 1994 and have six children.  They have lived in DuPage County, most recently in Carol Stream, their entire married life.

  • Tracie Orlowski - Administrative Assistant

    Tracie Orlowski has been a member of Gospel Fellowship Church since 2015 and has served as Administrative Assistant since 2017. Tracie has earned her Bachelors in Christian Education from Cincinnati Christian University. Tracie delights in organizing events and enjoys serving God alongside the body of Christ for God’s glory.  Tracie and her husband were married in 1997 and have 4 children.